Moments By Shey

Hello and welcome to moments by Shey . This will be my first post on this blog a new chapter in my life so here we go….

In the recent past I’ve faced a few challenges both personally and also just everything around world in general that got me thinking! Why don’t I just stop and cherish the Moments! I am a mum of two and my joy in life is to be their mum, I have a beautiful home , a husband who is there for me and  friends who are real and care for me genuinely. So all the negative sources filtering through life should outweigh the positives I mentioned… but no it really did get me down.

At some point in life you see the LIGHT I am thrilled at 34 I saw the light. I knew I need to stop dwelling in the negatives that bring me down but work through them to keep a positive mental frame of mind to be a good mum , a supportive wife and a true friend. This may sound literal but once the goals are set in your mind they can be honestly life changing.

I strongly encourage the soul searching and questioning one’s self to ask – what works for you? pull back on relationship that are beyond the point of fixing , working on the relationships that make you a better human, enjoying and celebrating your loved ones both your family and friends, cherishing what mother nature offers you, spending your money smartly so you can go the extra mile and enjoy life and have less stress money brings and last but not least check your values and morals are they true to who you are.

It’s been a massive shift for me as a person. Again not to be literal but the weight has been actually lifted I live for me and I work thru myself to find out what makes me “ME” what make me “HAPPY”. I am not who I was a few months before but I am a better person for it. I now enjoy the moments.

My life has always been filled with moments and so many people always tell me “you can write a book” so I hope this blog will be an interesting read of the emotions in life! and one that leaves you cherishing the moments in your life.